Skroutz API Class

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I've recently been tasked with integrating price information with existing Drupal sites. Since I'm going through the trouble, I like to make things modular -- hence the first step was to create a PHP5 class to handle the "low level" communication.

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Galleria per content type

in PHP, drupal, Module, Galleria

Galleria is a popular image gallery module for Drupal 6, which leverages the jQuery Galleria module. It also integrates nicely with Lightbox, Imagecache, and jCarousel. Unfortunately, the publicly available version allows for only global settings, not allowing you to have, for example, a vertical jCarousel for one content type and an horizontal one for another. Hence, this hacked version.

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Madame Figaro

International title with strong tradition and reliability in the Greek market, which is cultivated after 16 years of success, continuously innovating topics coverted and the magazine's style.

Madame Figaro addresses the modern, informed sofisticated woman that loves fashion and beauty and helps her define her identity and style through current issues and fashion editorials always registering the latest trends.

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T3 magazine

T3 Magazine is the largest technology lifestyle publication in the world, all the while being the most widespread title internationally; with 21 localized versions in 36 countries and over 500.000 readers worldwide.

It has a unique concept, modern style and in all the markets it is a part of, it represents a high quality, leading technology lifestyle guide. The publication arrived in Greece in December 2005 and has been published by Attica Media Group.

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DecoNow is the online version of the combined forces of three design & decoration oriented magazines -- "Ιδέες & Λύσεις για το Σπίτι" (Ideas & Solutions for the House), Casa Viva and Mirror Deco. 

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Digital Reseller's Network

Digital Resellers Network is the authoritative distributor news website, authored by Attica Media Group. Be it rumor or fact, it will most certainly be included and described in a timely fashion.

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