Twitter module while stuck with PHP 5.1.6

Building a new site today assumes that everything social should come with the box -- not even in it. Within the first question a client asks is how this whole twitter-thing works, and how he can use it. Of course Drupal provides modules to integrate with these, but what if you're stuck on a host  "playing it safe" and sticking with PHP 5.1.6 ( that is, all RedHat, CentOS providers that won't use custom compiled packages )?

Getting rid of FastBrowserSearch in Firefox

I know it sounds like a no-brainer. You simply click on the little search engine logo next to your search box, and you're back to enjoying you favorite search engine. What happens when that logo is set to e.g. Google, and searching from your main URL bar takes you to some other engine (usually FastBrowserSearch)? How can you (finally!) get rid of that?

On project management, Redmine, and RHEL5

If you have ever been involved in any sort of project, you will know that one of the biggest pains involved in the process is communicating with whoever had the idea for the project. They always "thought it a bit different", or even better "didn't expect it would look like this", even when their project is 100% up to their specs. This post is about the what, next up is the how.

Remove PDF passwords in Ubuntu

Have you ever bought a book in PDF format, only to receive it with the annoying password protection popup? You know, the ones that come with digital downloads and/or "free" copies that escort payed hard copies, where you need to type your e-mail every single time you open them. Hey, I'm all for protecting your content and such, but this just feels like I'd get more value if I downloaded a pirated copy!

Cisco DHCP Configuration

Next on the list is settings up a simple DHCP server, to be able to assign IP addresses to devices joining the network. That should make it really easy to add new hardware to your network without fiddling around with configurations for each and every one of them, plus your house guests are spared of your network's internals!

Cisco IOS update, enable ethernet

Having actually managed to connect to the router via console, I thought I'd be capable of doing some simple configuration tests with the router. Well, that turned out to only be half true, since there still were some kinks with the way Cisco has decided to plumb its products. I set the following tasks to do for today:

  • Update IOS to the latest version I happened to have ( 12.4-15.T8 )
  • Make the router available via Ethernet telnet

Ubuntu, Minicom & Cisco router console connection

Got a nice Cisco 857w to play around with yesterday :) Before you get into any misconceptions let me tell you that I've never before made my own configuration in a Cisco router, but I really (really!) want to learn about it ( hey, stop snickering! ).

So... first things first - wipe out the router config, I thought, and start from scratch. I managed to do THAT part pretty easily, however, as any knowing person will tell you, that leaves all ethernet ports down... so here comes the console cable to the rescue! If you can actually make it to work :P

Make SSH faster

Well, at least the login part. For some (very) weird reason, some distros think that everyone is part of some huge, corporate environment -- thus making Kerberos and GSSAPI logins the default methods.
Is there a problem with that ? Well, not directly - you only need to wait until SSH can understand that login just ain't gonna happen that way, and fallback to the good' old username/password asking. The real problem is that it can...take...AGES!