Jailbreaking Apple TV: Getting it to work

I'm not even going to list the reasons why you really should (consider) Jailbreak on your Apple TV if it supports it. I'm only going to list the (only!) method that works for me to get the device to the needed DFU mode to make it possible.

Most sites mention just plugging the USB cable and release after 7 seconds. That has never worked in my device though, and I had to try a nuber of different method floating around the internet, until I found the only one that has worked both times I needed it:

  • Get Seas0nPass, let it do its thing
  • When you are asked to put the AppleTV in DFU mode, you'll be asked to only connect the USB cable, and hold menu and play for 7 seconds. Instead:
    • Connect the USB cable
    • Connect the power cable -- notice that the white light start blinking slowly
    • Hold the menu and play buttons -- notice that the while light speeds up blinking
    • Wait for 7 seconds, after which blinking becomes even faster
    • Release buttons
  • Everything should move on as expected.


A couple of things to note :

  • I couldn't make things work on my Mac since there's a bug in the current release of Seas0nPass. If you get "filesystem patch failed", you can try applying a modified version by a Firecore forum member. Thread is here , the file mentioned is here.
  • The above instructions work on my Win7 PC don't know if it's platform-specific.
NOTE:In my case, iTunes reported that the restore failed after this process, with an error of 1602 (or was it 1605?). When I rebooted normally on the TV, the settings tile had the FireCore icon instead of the normal. This basically means that all went according to plan, and you're done! So even if you get errors, check with your TV before w{o/a}ndering!