MSSQL Compat

MSSQL Compat is a small and simple drop-in library that allows your pre-7 PHP project, that uses MSSQL via mssql_* functions ( eg mssql_connect() et al ), to work transparently with PDO DBLib by providing the missing functions as wrappers around the equivalent PDO syntax - and all that with a single line!

CentOS7, ISPConfig3, and multiple PHP versions

Currently PHP developers face a great problem with PHP version - most OS repos already have outdated versions (CentOS has 5.4 which has passed its end of life!), but just swapping out versions is just not an option - especially with the version requirements of different frameworks / libraries. Furthermore, usually to have more than one version meant recompiling, and keeping up with updates - and no one wants that. Here's how to setup a server (virtual of physical), with ISPConfig3 hosting panel, multiple PHP versions, latest Apache and Mariadb in less than a half hour, with zero compiling. You can then manage your virtual hosts and their PHP version from a nice UI.