Diablo 3 profile parser

Diablo 3 is a very popular massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), by Activision Blizzard Entertainment. With the latest patch, the option to browser through profiles and characters has been given, but the option to get the page as XML (which was available in the respective functionality of World of Warcraft, another product of the same company) was not given.

This project is a PHP class that parses the profile page, and returns all the data in an object. It is still in active development.

The code is uploaded to Github here
UPDATE: Blizzard has released a publically available API to access the this data, find it here
  • Supports both realms ( US / EU ) since they use the same structure
  • Very extendable 
  • Parsing via the renowned PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser
  • Returns data object for use with your own software
  • Initial commit
    • Can parse a user profile ( "career" ) statistics
    • Can retrieve character list, with character ("hero") URLs
    • Can retrieve character global data ( level, class, gender, elite kills )
    • Can retrieve career kills
    • Can retrieve overall progress per difficulty 
    • Can retrieve artisan level

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