Galleria per content type

Galleria is a popular image gallery module for Drupal 6, which leverages the jQuery Galleria module. It also integrates nicely with Lightbox, Imagecache, and jCarousel. Unfortunately, the publicly available version allows for only global settings, not allowing you to have, for example, a vertical jCarousel for one content type and an horizontal one for another. Hence, this hacked version.

You can always find the original module at . This version simply allows you to provide different settings for each component ( Imagecache, Lightbox, jCarousel ) per content type.

  • Allows you to customize your Gallerias per content type
  • v.1.0
    • Added support for per content type configuration of components
    • Added fallback to defaults if no override value is given.
  • Drupal 6
  • (Optional) Imagecache module
  • (Optional) Filefield module
  • (Optional) Imagefield module
  • (Optional) Lightbox / Colorbox module
  • (Optional) jCarousel module

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