Papaderos EPE


G & V PAPADEROS EPE has been active in the field of wooden boxing since 1968. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the field, with a wide range of options in woodwork. The company clients, each a leader in their own field, have strict demands in terms of build quality for their product boxing, a task that the has proven a match for. 

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M3UPorter , simple app to move Winamp playlist files

I spent about an hour trying to find a simple application to copy the files referenced by my Winamp playlist to a USB pendrive, in order to take them with me. Tough luck, most of them are either missing libraries, or plain not working properly on Windows 7. Therefore, I rolled my own.

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Diablo 3 profile parser

in PHP, diablo, library

Diablo 3 is a very popular massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), by Activision Blizzard Entertainment. With the latest patch, the option to browser through profiles and characters has been given, but the option to get the page as XML (which was available in the respective functionality of World of Warcraft, another product of the same company) was not given.

This project is a PHP class that parses the profile page, and returns all the data in an object. It is still in active development.

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Sidagi, launched in November 2011, is a gourmet website containing a large number of recipes from all over the world. With a steady flow of new recipes, along with tools such as the calorie meter and the categorization per ingredient, it provides a fresh outlook to the cooking recipe presentation and discovery as a whole.

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Cloud Zoom Alternative

in drupal, Module, jquery

A client needed the ability to easily zoom into images in place. That is, display a small image, and when hovering, zoom a part of the image. In that spirit, I found the freely available cloud zoom library. Though I did find a Drupal module for that, it only exposed a very limited amount of options that are available, and the dev version, which included more features, had bugs (hence the dev). This is my implementation, which (hopefully) will help people out.

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Fovero is where everything funny resides! The team scouts the whole internet for youtube clips, jokes, or image sets that are either funny or downright weird. 

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24H is a news portal aspiring to cover every event that happens in Greece. With a team of journalists feeding more than 200 news items per day, video channel with exclusive interviews, detailed breaking news analysis and stock exchange coverage it might as well be one of the upcoming authoritative news portals.

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GreaseMonkey, Google Charts and Ikariam

Like many people, I like wasting some time playing web-based games, such as Ikariam. However, I found myself spending a lot of time making the same calculations over and over again -- there had to be a better way! So I made one. GreaseMonkey is a Firefox addon to inject a JS script into a page, Google Chart is an easy way to make charts. Using these, Ikariam Projection was born.

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Skroutz Drupal module

in PHP, drupal, Skroutz, Module

This is the second part of the pricing integration. It provides integration between the Skroutz API class and Drupal, so that it now becomes a simple matter of installing & configuring the module in order to use Skroutz.

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PC Magazine

PC Magazine is the leading technology publication, worldwide. Published by Ziff Davis in 34 countries, it plays a major role in technological evolotion.

Trustworthy, authoritative and innovative, PC Magazine knows the technology market better than anyone and through the reliable test performed by PC Labs it is in a unique position to precicely imprint a clear picture of products and the overall market status. PC Magazine's PC Labs are the largest labs for objective review of technology products and services in Greece.
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