Upgrading Redmine to MariaDB

in Redmine, ruby, MySQL, centos

On a stock CentOS installation ( DB wise, ie MySQL 5.1 ) we decided to roll out MariaDB. And it was wonderful, as all our LAMP apps didn't even seem to notice that something has changed. Not the same could be said about Redmine though...

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Making Redmine play nice with Git

in Redmine, ruby, passenger, git, gitolite, plugins, scm

Delving into the world of version control while keeping tabs in an issue manager is wonderful - if you manage to actually set it up. I've enjoyed it for some time, and tried to replicate it in my own installation of Redmine - and thus started the hair pulling. 

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Migrating Redmine (or any Passenger app) from MySQL to MariaDB

in Redmine, MySQL, mariadb

I recently tried moving from MySQL to MariaDB, and was truly surprised with the results - everything works just fine, didn't even have to recreate users/databases. Well, everything except Redmine (and I would assume, and other Passenger app).

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Migrating Chiliproject server

There's always that time when you need to migrate things to a new server. A happy time. Until the only Ruby app on the server refuses to work.

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Installing Redmine on RHEL5

in RedHat, Redmine, Plesk

In the last post, I discussed why you need to bother with a project management tool like RedMine. And I'm quite certain I mentioned that it's kind of a pain to install in RedHat... so here's a step by step howto for future reference.

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On project management, Redmine, and RHEL5

in RedHat, Redmine, Project Management

If you have ever been involved in any sort of project, you will know that one of the biggest pains involved in the process is communicating with whoever had the idea for the project. They always "thought it a bit different", or even better "didn't expect it would look like this", even when their project is 100% up to their specs. This post is about the what, next up is the how.

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