Double Grand: Drupal 7 Grandmaster

Last week, I managed to achieve the prestigious Drupal 9 Grandmaster title. This week I completed the puzzle with Drupal 7, because legacy projects need love and attention as well.

In the previous (longer) article I went along and explained the different requirements for a Grandmaster title, and mentioned that it was for a specific Drupal version. This is the same certifications (all three) plus the Grandmaster title for Drupal 7:

 acquia certified grandmaster drupal 7 badge 
acquia certified developer drupal 7 badgeacquia certified back end specialist drupal 7 badgeacquia certified front end specialist drupal 7 badge

But why?

Getting a Drupal 9 Grandmaster title definitely puts you on the map for any new projects, since that's the version that is going to be used. However, Drupal 7 has been the major player for more than 10 years (2011-ongoing), with a huge number of websites and web applications still pinned to that version; what better way of guaranteeing that you are an expert of both the legacy version, as well as the newest version of the platform? 

My certification experience

This time, armed with experience from my Drupal 9 certification process, I just booked all three exams in succession. I've been using Drupal 7 since its release, however I was worried a bit about not having done any "real" (read: from scratch) work for almost a year. Turns out, tons of experience becomes akin to muscle memory. The process was smooth and I managed another one-day Grandmastery.