About Me

Web & App developer - Athens, Greece

I am a full time web developer (Drupal 7/8/9). My main focus has always been on feature completeness (if there is such a thing), and robustness (hence the birth of the motto "building things that work").

 Aside from that, I also sysadmin a number of Linux hosts (mostly CentOS7/8 & Debian 9/10), do basic MariaDB administration and tuning, and offer hosting services (mainly for clients for whom I create websites) ranging from shared to colocation, and the cloud(s). I try to make my life easier by automating everything using Ansible, and am currently wrapping my head around containerization and Kubernetes.

In my (ever decreasing) spare time, I like to tinker with electronics and 3D printers (you'll most likely find some articles on those as well), or have fun with my dog and cat.


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Some social profiles include:


  • Strong communication and (ever evolving) leadership skills
  • Web Development (Drupal, certified Grandmaster for 7&9)
  • Database administration (MySQL / MariaDB)
  • Linux Sysadmin (CentOS 6-8 / Debian 3-10 )

Certifications - Drupal 9

acquia certified developer drupal 9acquia drupal back end specialist drupal 9acquia front end specialist drupal 9acquia certified grandmaster drupal 9

Certifications - Drupal 7

acquia certified developer drupal 7 badgeacquia certified back end specialist drupal 7 badgeacquia certified front end specialist drupal 7 badgeacquia certified grandmaster drupal 7 badge