Skroutz Drupal module

This is the second part of the pricing integration. It provides integration between the Skroutz API class and Drupal, so that it now becomes a simple matter of installing & configuring the module in order to use Skroutz.

To use it, you need to first get the Skroutz API class, and place it in the folder sites/all/libraries/skroutz.After doing so, install the module the usual way ( place it in the modules folder and enable it in admin/build/modules ). 

You can then head on to the Skroutz administration settings, to select the various aspects of the module. These include selecting which content type should be considered, and your API key.

  • Drupal 6 module
  • Simple to setup -- just install and configure
  • Uses normal Skroutz SKUs for product tagging
  • Supports database caching
  • Includes three styles of presentation, each with its own external template to choose from. To customize, just copy over the template to your theme.
  • v.0.2
    • Added content type selection
    • Added database table caching
    • Added template selection
  • v.0.1
    • Created administration form
    • Implemented nodeAPI 

The module will check for the existence of cURL and JSON ( either compiled into PHP or as a standalone wrapper ). If any of the two conditions fail, the module will not be installed ( you will see an error )


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