MSSQL Compat

MSSQL Compat is a small and simple drop-in library that allows your pre-7 PHP project, that uses MSSQL via mssql_* functions ( eg mssql_connect() et al ), to work transparently with PDO DBLib by providing the missing functions as wrappers around the equivalent PDO syntax - and all that with a single line!

The story

I recently started migrating internal web applications to new servers that use PHP7.

Thus I stumbled on a couple of old applications that use MSSQL with PHP, which I dearly hoped to avoid rewriting and debugging now that PHP7 has deprecated the mssql_* family of functions.

The result is this single-file solution: just include it before your first mssql_* call, and it will transparently wrap them to the equivalent PDO calls.

What it is not

  • This library is not a security enhancement by any measure. It assumes that your program logic escapes what needs to be escaped, since you cannot benefit from PDO goodness without changing the function syntax.
    • That being said, kindly let me know if you can provide better security in the given code.
  • It is not meant as a means to develop new software in PHP7 using mssql_* functions - use PDO or similar!


  • Single line include to use
  • Works with most PHP5 mssql_* based projects without any modfiication


MSSQL-Compat requires the bare basics for PHP7 to be able to talk to MSSQL - namely:

Hint: All of the above are easily usable via repos such as IUS or Remi if not directly supported by your OS